Progress Center Office will be closed starting on March 16, 2020

Starting on March 16, the Progress Center office will be closed to the public. This closure is in response to the Corona Virus concerns and recommendations coming from health agencies.  This decision was made in an attempt to keep Progress Center staff and members of the Progress Center community safe and healthy.

Earlier today, on March 13, the National Council on Independent Living (the umbrella group for all Centers for Independent Living like Progress Center) sent out an alert about the Corona Virus.  The alert included a link to this page, with information and resources about Covid 19.

Up to date information can also be found at this site:

Though the office is closed, Program Staff will continue to be working and serving people with disabilities. Staff will be checking their voicemail and email.  If something comes up over the next few weeks and Progress Center services are needed, please call the office.  Someone will respond to your inquiry within an appropriate period of time.  Specifically, Progress Center will still be making personal assistant referrals at this time.  If you need a personal assistant, please call the office at 708-209-1500 or send an email to