On April 15, 2021, Progress Center and Rush University Systems hosted a webinar titled “Employment Opportunities and Resources for People with Disabilities in Chicagoland.”

This post is a follow up to the event on April 15.  This post includes documents and information that were shared by the presenters.


1. Final Agenda for April 15, 2021 Event – Download Here- 2021-April 15- Event–Agenda-update-final

2. Final Flyer for April 15, 2021 Event – Download Here- 2021-April 15- Employment Resources–flyer -final

3.  Rush Job Opportunities Power Point — Download Power Point Here: Rush Job Opportunities 4.15.2021

4. Rush Careers and Disability Inclusion Related Links — Download Here:  Rush Careers and Disability Inclusion related links

5. Rush Inclusion Initiatives 2021 – PDF — Download Here:  Rush Disability Inclusion Initiatives 2021

6.  Rush University Medical Center Job Highlights – PDF -Download Here:  Rush University Medical Center Jobs Highlights

7. Progress Center and Rush Employment Opportunities Highlights — All of Us — Power Point Slide- Download Here — PC+Rush Employment Opportunities_ AoU

8. About the All of Us Program — All of Us Frequently Asked Questions — This document was not shared at the presentation on April 15, 2021.  This document shares more information about the All of Us Program, which was mentioned during the April 15 event. Download the document here: AAHD_AoU_FAQ

Whether you attended the webinar on April 15, 2021, registered for the webinar, or both, thank you for your interest in the program.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any follow up questions.Here is a list of presenters with an email contact:


Sophie Seypura, Clinical Research Assistant, All of Us Research Program, Rush University Medical Center–sophie_D_Seypura@rush.edu

Kevin Irvine, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Individuals with Disabilities, Facilitator, Rush Disabilities Employee Resource Group, Rush University Medical Center– Kevin_Irvine@rush.edu

Carol Bermudez, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Rush Oak Park Hospital — carol_bermudez@rush.edu

Gary Arnold, Program Director, Progress Center for Independent Living — garnold@progresscil.org

David Sedillo, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator for All of Us, Rush University Medical Center — David_Sedillo@rush.edu