The Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois is organizing a Day of Action in support of Illinois Legislation that supports keeping immigrant families together.  Access Living put together an Action Alert to make it easy to contact the Governor.

Below is information from an Action Alert creating by Access Living:

The Campaign for a Welcoming Illinois is asking people to call Governor Rauner’s office today to encourage him to sign bills that keep immigrant families together.  We’d like to ask you to help!

 The bills are:

 SB 34 (VOICES Act): provides some protection options for immigrant crime victims

 SB 35 (Safe Zones Act): prohibits state and local law enforcement from carrying out federal immigration efforts at locations including state-funded schools, state-funded medical treatment and health care facilities, public libraries, facilities operated by the Secretary of State, and state courts

 SB 3488 (No Registry Act): would ban creation of registries based on religion or national origin

 Please call the Governor’ s Springfield office at 217-782-0244, or send him an email.  If you would like to send an email, use this link:   Contact Governor Rauner

The Campaign for a Welcoming Family recommends that callers give a message similar to this:

“Hi.  My name is ___.  I am an Illinois resident. I am contacting you today to ask the governor to sign SB 34, SB 35 and SB 3488 to keep families together and make Illinois welcoming for all.  Thank you!”

Thanks for your work!

Thank you to Access Living for putting together the Take Action Message and thank you to The Campaign for a Welcoming Family for all of your work. At this link is more information about the campaign.