What is Progress Center?

Progress Center is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources for people with disabilities.  The goal of Progress Center is to support people with disabilities so that they can live independently and navigate barriers to independence.

What is a Center for Independent Living?

Progress Center is one of 22 Independent Living Centers in Illinois.  Each center has a similar mission and offers the same core services:

  • Information and Referral
  • Independent Living Services
  • Advocacy
  • Peer Support
  • Transition Services
  • Progress Center serves suburban Cook County.

What makes Progress Center unique?

Progress Center and all independent living centers are run by people with disabilities.  We follow a philosophy that says people with disabilities are their own best advocates. At Progress Center, it’s people with disabilities supporting other people with disabilities.

What services does Progress Center provide?

Progress Center can:

  • Help you find a qualified personal assistant
  • Train you to enter the Progress Center Personal Assistant pool
  • Help you determine what benefits you may qualify for
  • Help you apply for appropriate benefits
  • Assist you in your search for housing
  • Train you to advocate for yourself
  • Equip you with skills that will support your own independence
  • Support you if you are Deaf or hard of hearing and are facing social or communication barriers
  • Guide young people with disabilities as they transition out of high school and college

Who is eligible for services?

Programs and services at Progress Center are open to people with any type of disability, and people with disabilities of all ages.

Is there a fee for services?

No. All Progress Center services are free of charge.

Do people live at Independent Living Centers?

No. Independent Living Centers are not residential.  Our goal is for people with disabilities to live in integrated communities.

What other questions do you have?

Please feel free to contact Progress Center at 708-209-1500 or hesparza@progresscil.org if you have any other questions.