Information and Referral

Information about any disability related topic, and referral to other resources when needed.


Active support for direct, nonviolent action for disability rights, both at the individual and systemic level.

Independent Living Skills

Training on the know-how to live independently, from budgeting to traveling, from personal assistant management to job seeking, and more. Tell us what you want to learn.

Peer Counseling

Sharing and problem-solving about every day issues with people who understand what it’s like: Other people with disabilities.

Three Progress Center supporters holding the Progress Center Banner at the Disability Pride Parade

Personal Assistance

Progress Center maintains a pool of qualified personal assistants to support the independence of people with disabilities. We can provide a personal assistance referral and personal assistance management training.

Here are two videos, one in English and one in Spanish that highlight Progress Center's Personal Assistant Program.

Personal Assistant Video: English Version:

Personal Assistant Video: Spanish Version:

Make Medicare Work

Informing consumers about the new Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Part D), ensuring people receive all the benefits they are entitled to under the program, and advocating for positive change in the program to better serve those affected.


Assistance with housing issues, including assistance in locating housing and advocating for increased access to affordable, accessible, and integrated housing.

Deaf Services

All of our services targeted to the deaf/hard of hearing community, as well as ITAC distribution and training.

Community Education

Presentations to community groups about independent living, disability rights and disability culture.

Volunteer Opportunities

The chance to expand horizons and build skills.

Drop-in Center/Computer Access

Informal support, resource library and access to computers.

Youth with Disabilities

Services and activities designed to prepare young people with disabilities for the transition to higher education and employment.