image of PPE supplies including masks and hand sanitizer.
image of PPE supplies including masks and hand sanitizer.

Hello Hello Everyone!

Today (May 19)  is Day 5 of our week of actions, which is mask distribution day! We know that people are more likely to mask when they have easy access to them, and financial and logistical barriers to getting high quality masks like N95s and KN95s can mean people who want better protection may not be able to get it. 

DAY 5: Provide Free Masks in Your Community

Progress Center for Independent Living, in collaboration with PPE for People With Disabilities Coalition, has been providing KN95 masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) since the beginning of the pandemic. At one time, we were also helping the Dept. of Human Services provide large quantities of KN95 masks to non-profit organizations (we gave out over 75,000 masks!)

Our focus has been to provide PPE to people with disabilities and their Personal Assistants/Direct Support Professionals who live in Chicagoland, however, today we are offering to give people KN95 masks and hand sanitizer throughout Illinois. We can mail it to you for FREE!

If interested, please call Progress Center at (708) 209-1500 to speak with our front desk staff Marie Mister.