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Emergency Home Services Support in April and beyond

Emergency Home Services Support in April and beyond

Stay at Home Ordinance in Illinois:  Illinois Governor Pritzker issued a Stay at Home Ordinance that applies to the entire State of Illinois.  This is a link to that Executive Order .  The ordinance is effective through April.  The order requires all Illinois residents to stay at home or where they reside in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.  The order does include exceptions. Those exceptions include personal assistant services.

Personal Assistant Services:  This order includes an exception for personal assistant services.  However, it is very possible that some people with disabilities may experience a need for services during this health crisis.  If you are in Suburban Cook County, and you are in need of services, contact a member of Progress Center’s Personal Assistant Department —

  • Home Services Manager:  708-209-1500 ext 21;
  • Personal Assistant Advocate:; 708-689-1381– Videophone
  • Personal Assistant Advocate:

Emergency Home Services:  If you are a member of the Home Services Program in Illinois, and if your Personal Assistant is unable to work because of the Covid-19 Crisis, there is a new program set up to help fill the immediate void in services. The Emergency Back Up Program allows you to hire a provider through an expedited process.  Contact Progress Center if you need emergency services because your regular personal assistant is unable to work because of Covid-19, (708-209-1500 ext 14).

Also, the Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living has set up a hotline. Home Services can call this line and request emergency services. Here is the number:  1-800-587-1287