February 26, 2018 — Progress Center Statement on Mental Illness and Gun Control —
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February 13, 2018 — Progress Center Statement on HR 620
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Stop the Tax On Disability — December 11, 2017  —
Today, December 11, is a national call-in day for people with disabilities to contact their legislators to vote no against and fight against the Tax Bill currently under consideration in Washington DC.  The American Association of People with Disabilities has put together an action page with useful links that allow people to advocate against the bill. The page also includes useful information about why the bill will be dreadful for the disability community.  Click Here for More Information
Speak out against budget cuts to Home Services!
The Governor’s budget online does not tell us where the severe cuts he is proposing will fall.  But it does allow comments on the budget.  I suggest writing and saying how cuts might hurt YOU.  Mention if you face cuts in Home Service Program, Link card, Circuit breaker, therapeutic programs, or because of Medicaid Managed Care.  Keep it simple and sincere.
Department Store Access
Have you had problems with access at department stores? Generally, stores must meet standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) unless it would be fiscally burdensome. If merchandise is not accessible, assistance must be provided with a reasonable amount of time to gain access to the items. Likewise, bathrooms and try-on rooms must be accessible.
According to the ADA, department stores must make the following alterations:

  • Counters with cash registers must have a portion which is 36 inches in length and height above the floor.
  • Sales counters should have a portion of the main counter 36 inches in length and height, or an auxiliary counter of 36-inch height in close proximity or equivalent facilitation.
  • The general path of travel must have a 32-inch width.
  • Any device use to prevent the removal of shopping carts from store premises cannot prevent people in wheelchairs from entering or exiting the building. An alternate entry that is equally convenient to that provided for the ambulatory population is acceptable.

For more information or to report possible violations of the law, contact PCIL Advocate, Larry Biondi at (708) 209-1500, extension 24.