Throughout last year and this year, disability advocates and disability allies were key in the effort to end the budget impasse and support community services that help people with disabilities live independently in their own homes.  Though Illinois has a budget, there is still much work to do to protect the independence and rights of people with disabilities.  Here are a few issues that disability advocates are working on now:

1. HR 620:  The ADA Education and Reform Act.  Though “ADA” is in the name of the legislation, this bill is no friend of disability rights. The proposed legislation would dismantle Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act and steal away the rights of people with disabilities. Read more about the legislation at this link:  Click here for more information.

2.  The Disability Integration Act:  This legislation would support community integration across the country.  It would require both public and private insurances that cover any kind of long term care to give equal coverage to home and community support services.  Read more about the legislation at this link:  Click here to read more.

3.  The 2017 Tax Bills. On November 16, 2017, the US House passed a tax bill. The US Senate is now working on a tax bill. Both the House and the Senate version are devastating for the supports of people with disabilities.  The Senate version would also cut key provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The loss of these provisions would mean the loss of health care for many people with disabilities. Here is more information from a blog post by Family Voices Indiana. This information is taken from AUCD.  Click here for the blog post.