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Stay at Home, Covid-19 Resource Page — April 2020

Stay at Home, Covid-19 Resource Page — April 2020

This page will include a list of resources that may be relevant to Progress Center Consumers, members of the Progress Center Community, and to members of the disability community in the midst of the Covid-19 Health Crisis.

Protective Masks:  The Center for Disease Control recommends that all people wear a mask who go outside and come into contact with other people.  Statistics show that about 25 percent of people who are carrying Covid-19 may not show signs of the illness and may feel healthy. Because of this, people who feel healthy and go outside risk spreading the illness to other people.  That is why the CDC recommends that everyone wear a mask.  Because resources are scarce, it can be difficult to secure a mask.  Some people have decided to make their own mask.  On April 5, the Chicago Tribune published a piece about how to build a mask for yourself at home.  The link to the story is here2020-Covid -19-How-to-sew-a-face-mask with instructions about how to build a mask.

Stay at Home Ordinance in Illinois:  Governor Pritzker of Illinois issued a Stay at Home Ordinance that applies to the entire State of Illinois.  This is a link to that Executive Order .  The ordinance is effective March 21 through April 7.  The order requires all Illinois residents to stay at home or where they reside in order to contain the spread of Covid-19.  The order does include exceptions. Those exceptions include personal assistant services: “For Purposes of this Executive Order, individuals may leave their residence to work for or obtain services ….providing services to the public and including state-operated, institutional, or community based settings providing human services to the public.”

Personal Assistant Services:  Though this order includes an exception for personal assistant services, it is very possible that some people with disabilities may experience a need for services during this health crisis.  If you are in suburban Cook County, and you are in need of services, contact a member of Progress Center’s Personal Assistant Department —

  • Home Services Manager:  708-209-1500 ext 21;
  • Personal Assistant Advocate:; 708-689-1381– Videophone
  • Personal Assistant Advocate:

Emergency Home Services:  If you are a member of the Home Services Program in Illinois, and if your Personal Assistant is unable to work because of the Covid-19 Crisis, there is a new program set up to help fill the immediate void in services. The Emergency Back Up Programs allows you to hire a provider through an expedited process.  Contact Progress Center if you need emergency services because your regular personal assistant is unable to work because of Covid-19, (708-209-1500 ext 14).

Benefits Counseling: Telehealth services in Illinois are expanding in the midst of the healthcare crisis. Here is a link to a page on the Illinois Health and Family Services website that explains more: Telehealth Services  If you have questions about current services or other benefits, Progress Center has benefits counselors on staff who can assist. Benefits Staff:

  • Benefits Advocate:; 708-209-1500 ext 22
  • Benefits Advocate:

State of Illinois:

State of Illinois Covid-19 Response PageLink to Page Here

New Toll-Free Number:  The Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is proud to announce the launch of a new toll-free number for all DRS customers to use during the current global pandemic.  Existing or prospective customers can call 1-877-581-3690 to receive assistance regarding DRS programs and services that are designed to allow those with disabilities throughout the state to live, learn, and work independently.  These services include in-home services, assistive technology, vocational and occupational rehabilitation, educational services for individuals with all types of disabilities, including Deaf or hard-of-hearing Illinoisans, Blind people, and people with low vision, along with other supports.

State of Illinois Home Services Program Page:  The Home Services Program funds personal assistants for thousands of people with disabilities in Illinois.  This page has been updated frequently amidst the Covid-19 Health Crisis. Link to Page Here.  Now also, there is an emergency back up program for people whose personal assistant may be unable to work because of Covid-19.  If you need emergency back up services, contact Progress Center at 708-209-1500 ext 14.

Family Community Resource Centers:  This map has a list of Resource Centers that remain open

Employment and Financial:

Page with information about Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits and about Federal Stimulus and Unemployment.

Promoting Financial Health and Resiliency for People with Disabilities and Their Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic — Visit this Link Here


Information about SNAP Benefits during the Covid-19 Pandemic:  Illinois SNAP recipients will begin receiving maximum benefit amounts this week

Village of Forest Park:

Progress Center’s main office is in Forest Park. Here is a link to the Village of Forest Park Covid-19 Update Page

Village of Blue Island:

The Progress Center satellite office is in Blue Island. Here is a link to the Village of Blue Island webpage, which also has information relevant to local residents, regarding Covid-19.

Village of Oak Park:

The Village of Oak Park neighbors Forest Park.  Before Illinois issued the Stay at Home Executive Order, Oak Park issued a Shelter in Place order. The Oak Park site has a lot of Covid-19 resources.

The Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park (CMHB) has a Resource Guide that will be updated weekly at this link:

Oak Park Homelessness Coalition, Link to Page Here:  From the home page of the site — “Because the COVID-19 outbreak is a public health and economic crisis, the Flexible Rental Assistance Program (FRAP) is available to those who require financial support to maintain or secure stable housing.   This program, which is conducted through Housing Forward, provides individuals and families who are at risk or experiencing homelessness with emergency financial assistance that is aimed towards preventing homelessness or aiding those that are in between stable housing. To stay up to date on news, go to”

Other Resources:

The National Council on Disability is the national group that represents all centers for independent like Progress Center.  The National Council is working hard to keep the community informed and engaged during this period. Here is the National Council on Disability page about Covid-19.

Access Living:  Access Living is the center for independent living that serves Chicago. They also have worked diligently to keep the community informed. Here is the Access Living page on Covid-19.

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionHere is a Covid-19 page from the CDC

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionInformation for Older Adults  

Behavioral Health:  In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, like COVID 19, local officals may require the public to take measures to limit and control the spread of the disease. This tip sheet provides information about social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. This tip sheet describes feelings and thoughts you may have during and after social distancing, quarantine, and isolation. It also suggests ways to care for your behavioral health during these experiences and provides resources for more help. Please share freely, this may be useful for a number of people including staff.  STRATEGIES TO COPE WITH FEELINGS FROM SOCIAL DISTANCING, QUARANTINE AND ISOLATION

ILRU:  ILRU is a training and resource outlet for the national independent living network.  ILRU has a thorough listing of covid-19 resources at this link.

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