Over the past few weeks, Progress Center Staff have been closely following and have been deeply impacted by the murder of George Floyd and the events that followed in Minneapolis, around the United States, and around the world.  Staff at Progress Center support Black Lives Matter, and the efforts to confront and dismantle racism, anti-Blackness, and White Supremacy.  As a service and advocacy organization governed and staffed by people with disabilities, Progress Center is committed to inclusion and diversity.  As part of that commitment, we must examine our own practices to ensure we are supporting independence and building social equity for all people with disabilities.

As a Center for Independent Living, we are part of a broader statewide network. The Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living recently released a statement on Anti-Racism.  The statement includes the link between disability and other marginalized communities — “Racial Justice and Disability Justice are inextricably linked. People who are Black, Latinx, Asian and immigrants with disabilities face inequities in almost every area of life, due to discrimination and systemic oppression.”

We thank INCIL for their leadership.  Below is a link to the INCIL statement.

INCIL Anti-Racism Statement of Solidarity