image of three people who are African American. The three people are holding a Progress Center banner at the Disability Pride Parade.

Message from Progress Center on George Floyd

Over the past few weeks, Progress Center Staff have been closely following and have been deeply impacted by the murder of George Floyd and the events that followed in Minneapolis, around the United States, and around the world.  Staff at Progress Center support Black Lives Matter, and the efforts to confront and dismantle racism, anti-Blackness,…

Image of Progress Center community members at Progress Center booth at the 2018 AccessChicago Expo

Financial Support Available

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many people are dealing with difficult financial circumstances.  Businesses are starting to open but people are still challenged economically. Many people are working less. Some people are unable to work.  Some people have increased expenses, and many continue to live week to week trying to make financial ends…