Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period begins on October 15 and ends on December 7.  During the Annual Enrollment Period, Medicare Beneficiaries may:  switch Medicare Plans, join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, switch from one prescription drug plan to another prescription drug plan, drop Medicare Prescription Drug coverage.  Progress Center has four health benefits counselors on staff.  This includes one counselor who is working with members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

If you have questions about your Medicare plans, or want to explore your options, contact the Progress Center office to set up an appointment.  Most Progress Center staff are working remotely at this time.  Most likely, if you contact the office to set up an appointment, you will need to leave a message, either over voicemail or with the receptionist who is staffing the office in Forest Park.  After you leave a message, someone will follow up with you soon.  Please keep in mind, Progress Center staff are not meeting with people in person.  The appointment to explore benefits option will be a remote appointment.