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The Larry Biondi Fellowship for Radical Thought & Action

The Larry Biondi Fellowship proposes to elevate advocates with any range of experiences and interests as long as they further the legacy of Larry Biondi through radical engagement in disability rights.  This engagement may appear in the form of community outreach, policy development, direct action, technical wizardry, communications acumen, leadership and support along all tracks and at any station along the path to disability justice and equity.

Each LB Fellow must commit to a four- to six-month work residency shared between Progress Center for Independent Living (PCIL) and Chicago ADAPT.  The nature of the work and hours of commitment will be guided by each call for proposal periodically devised and posted by the LB Fellowship Committee.


The LB Fellowship Committee

The LB Fellowship Committee shall comprise of two current staff members from PCIL, two active members of Chicago ADAPT and one or more independent advisors selected by both organizations.  The Committee must consist of an odd number of members and a quorum is no less than 75% of Committee members.

The Committee shall devise Fellowship proposals based on continuing communications with Progress Center staff and Chicago ADAPT members. The Committee shall hold quarterly meetings to maintain the needs of the Fund and Fellowship by developing fundraising campaigns; creating, selecting and posting Requests for Proposals; reviewing applications and monitoring the success of current Fellows.  Both Progress Center and Chicago ADAPT are expected to support fundraising efforts and Committee needs.

Committee members shall serve one-year terms and be eligible for reinstatement by the two organizations at the end of each term.

Fellowship Committee Applications

The Fellowship is currently seeking applicants to join the Larry Biondi Fellowship Committee. Please complete the attached form and return the form to Download the form here: 2021-LBFundCommitteeForm-final —  2021-LBFundCommitteeForm-final

To request a form in a different format, please contact