Members of the Progress Center Community holding a banner that reads "Progress Center for Independent Living" at the Disability Pride Parade in Chicago.

Community mourns the loss of Disability Rights Champion Judith Heumann

Statement from Progress Center Executive Director Horacio Esparza on Judith Heumann English Language Statement Judy Heumann, Your unexpected departure left me inert, exhausted, without being able to articulate words for more than twenty-four hours, without knowing what to say about all that I can say about you… about how great you were; of everything great…

A woman in a wheelchair, in the court yard of a nursing home, behind a fence with tall iron bars. Woman is holding a sign that says Nursing Home Residents and a sign that says Lives Matter

Humanize Long Term Care: Take Action to support IRRC Legislation

Here is information from the Institutional Rescue and Recovery Coalition. The coalition is in Springfield, Illinois this week, pushing three pieces of legislation in support people with disabilities in Illinois who need community-based supports and who need support getting out of long-term care facilities. From the Coalition: The disability-led Institutional Rescue and Recovery Coalition developed…